Thursday, 22 March 2012


it is a bit quiet here I do apologise, I am getting ready for an event this weekend inbetween the usual work, boys and class planning!.
I am off to see shrek the musical and volunteered to make the gift bags thinking to find shrek things a doddle to fill them - wrong. With a limited budget and 14 of them to prepare and no shrek goodies around that I could find in bulk except for shrek ears that flash! I set about covering and punching out card to create some goodies!.
I used the tag die to create a little pocket from the fairy godmother, on the inside is a mini sewing kit and a plaster incase an emergency strikes!. I covered a chocolate bar in patterened paper, cut out Puss in boots with the su oval punch to add to the water bottles. I covered tissue packs with princess fiona and made bags of swamp sweets by stamping one of the circle stamps all over a glassine bag and finally I found some reduced mini gingerbreadmen which i packed into su cello bags and added a scallop topper using an old sale a bration set which says 'a little yummy for you tummy'. They were all then placed in a brown bag which shreks face which I cut from the ear packagaing and topped of with a die cut gingerbread man on a tag and a die cut intitial from my new favourite dies!.
I hope everyone likes them.

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